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**The Shame of the Year for Muhammad and Allah**

Does Allah Claim That the World Has Two Easts and Two Wests?

Is it true that the world we live in has two Easts and two Wests, or is it a lack of knowledge?

Let's start by reading the verse from the Quran that makes such a claim:

**Surah Ar-Rahman, Ayah 17**: "Lord of the two Easts and Lord of the two Wests."

Now, let's look at what Earth's science says about directions.

**What is the East?**

East is one of the four cardinal directions. Its direction is where the sun rises in the morning.

The name "East" comes from the Arabic word **مشرق** (mashriq), which means "the place where the sun rises."

East is usually on the right side of a map.

**What is the West?**

West is one of the four cardinal directions. Its direction is where the sun sets.

West is also the name of the evening prayer time for Muslims.

The name "West" comes from the Arabic word **مَغْرِب** (maghrib), which means "the place where the sun sets."

West is usually on the left side of a map.

**What is a Compass?**

A compass is a device used to determine direction. It is essential for navigation at sea or on land without visible landmarks like in a desert.

A compass has four main directions: North, East, South, and West.

Intermediate directions are mentioned as northeast/northwest and southeast/southwest (in English, Northeast NE/Northwest NW and Southeast SE/Southwest SW).

It is possible to mention more precise directions, for example, south-southwest (SSW) or west-southwest (WSW).

**Surah Al-Ma'arij, Ayah 40**: "But no! I swear by the Lord of all points in the East and the West that We are certainly able."

Here, Muhammad, who is the speaker of the Quran, contradicts his initial claim that there are two Easts and two Wests in **Surah Ar-Rahman, Ayah 17**.

Besides these four directions, there are other directions.

Observe the following compass, directions a - h are pronounced as follows:

1) North

2) North-northeast

3) Northeast

4) East-northeast

5) East

6) East-southeast

7) Southeast

8) South-southeast

9) South

10) South-southwest

11) Southwest

12) West-southwest

13) West

14) West-northwest

15) Northwest

16) North-northwest

To remember easily, imagine you are saying, "North of northeast, north of northeast, etc."

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

When the sun rises, we say it has dawned or it is sunrise.

It is good to understand the relationship between the sun's direction, time, and the direction of the shadow. For example:

In the morning, the sun is in the East. The shadow is in the West.

In the afternoon, the sun is in the West. The shadow is in the East.

When the sun sets, it is called sunset or dusk or West.

North is the top of the compass. The compass starts from the North.

Another name for North is Shimali or Shemali, and Matlahi is another name for East.

The sun is opposite to the shadow, meaning if the sun is in the South, the shadow will be in the North.

**Exercise A**

a) One morning as I was heading to school, my shadow was in front of me.

In which direction was the school? __________

In which direction was my home? _______

b) One evening as I was coming back from grazing, my shadow was on my right side. In which direction was I heading?

c) Juma lives southeast of Fatuma. In which direction does Fatuma live from Juma?

d) In which direction does the sun set?

**Exercise B**

a) What is the direction found between South and West?

b) What is the direction found between West and East?

c) What is the direction found between North-northeast and North?

d) What is the direction found between South-southwest and West?

e) What is the direction found between North and East?



**Dr. Max Shimba, a servant of Jesus Christ, the Mighty God** (Titus 2:13)

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