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Allah (swt) moves from one place to another


Allah (swt) moves from one place to another

We read in Sefat Allah by Alawi al-Saqaaf, page 18:

الإتْيَانُ وَالْمَجِيءُ صفتان فعليتان خبريَّتان ثابتتان بالكتاب والسنة.

“Coming and arrival are two qualities which are proven by the Quran and traditions”

We read in Sharh al-Aqida al-Wasetiya by Imam Ibn Uthaimin, page 176:

وأهل السنة والجماعة يثبتون أن الله يأتي بنفسه هو

“Ahlulsunnah believes that Allah physically comes”

We read in Al-Wajiz fi Aqidat Al-Salaf al-Saleh, by Abdullah al-Athari, page 50:

ويؤمنون بأَنَّه تعالى يجيء يوم الميعاد للفصل بين العباد ، مجيئا حقيقيا يليق بجلاله

“They (the Salaf) believed that He (swt) would physically appear on the Day of Judgment in order to judge the people”

On page 48, Athari records:

وأهل السنة والجماعة : يؤمنون بأَن المؤمنين يَرَونَ ربهم في الآخرة بأَبصارهم ، ويَزُورُونَه ، ويُكلِّمهُم ويكلِّمونه

“The Ahlulsunnah wa al Jamah believe that the believers will see God with their eyesight in the hereafter and shall visit him, talk to him and He will talk to them”

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