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Prophet Muhammad missed Fajr prayers during Ramadan due to sexual intercourse


Prophet (s) missed Fajr prayers during Ramadan due to sexual intercourse

We read  in Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 31, Number 152:

Narrated 'Aisha:
(At times) in Ramadan the Prophet used to take a bath in the morning not because of a wet dream and would continue his fast.

Shawkani in Nail al-Awtar, v4, 291 similarly informs us

وعن عائشة وأم سلمة أن النبي صلى الله عليهوآله وسلم كان يصبح جنبا من جماع غير احتلام ثم يصوم في رمضان

"From Ayesha and Um Salama that the Prophet (s) used to wake up junub (impure) due to sexual intercourse, not account of a wet dream and would  continue fasting in Ramadhan".

Ramadhan is that wherein the believer tries his utmost to partake in as many practices as possible so as to acquire the blessings of Allah (swt) such as lengthy prayers, praying tahajjud salat etc yet according to the testimony of Ayesha there were occasions in Ramadhan when the Prophet (s) would copulate with his wives and thereafter go to sleep in that impure state, thus completely missing tahajjid prayers and worse the obligatory Fajr prayers!   We appeal to justice is this tradition not mocking the esteemed position of the Prophet (s)?  A Prophet (s) whose night prayers were so excessive that Allah (swt) revealed Surah Muzammil stating  "Stand vigil, perform prayer, through the night, except a little" - but according to the testimony of Ayesha the Prophet would on occasions in Ramadan not read tahajjud, neigh not even the obligatory Fajr, due to sexual intercourse during the preceding night.

This tradition should give hope to those high libido Nawasib who focus their efforts on lengthy night vigils during the nights of Ramdhan wherein they will recite the Quran, and stay up for tahajjud that all this can be put aside in the pursuit of sexual pleasure.  Such fortunate souls can happily return home after reading the bidah of tarawi, and thereafter return homes to their would sleep with them and stay in this defiled stayed until the morning without the need to read Fajr Salat, there should be no shame in missing this obligatory prayer during salat since one is merely acting in pursuance to the Sunnah of the Seal of all Prophets (s), why should they feel ashamed, when they are insistent on replicating each minutiae aspect of the life of the Porptet (s) down to his (s) taking the time to use of miswak, they should likewise implement the Sunnah of missing Fajr Salat during Ramadhan with the same fervour.

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