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Allah (swt) sometimes feels bored


Allah (swt) sometimes feels bored 

We read in Al-Fatawa wa al-Rasael by Muhammad bin Ibrahim, Volume 1 page 209:

((فإنَّ الله لا يَمَلُّ حتى تملُّوا)): من نصوص الصفات

“((Allah doesn’t feel bored till ye get bored)) this an evident of quality”

One of the revered Imams of Salafies namely Imam Ibn Uthaimin records in Fatawa al-Aqidah, volume 1 page 85:

سئل فضيلة الشيخ : هل نثبت صفة الملل لله عز وجل ؟
فأجاب بقوله : جاء في الحديث عن النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام قوله (( فإن الله لا يمل حتى تلموا)) فمن العلماء من قال إن هذا دليل على إثبات صفة الملل لله

The Sheikh was asked: ‘Shall we believe that feeling bored is a quality of Allah?’
He replied: ‘It is narrated from the prophet (pbuh) that he said: ‘((Allah doesn’t feel bored till ye get bored))’ some scholars declared that this is a proof that feeling bored is a quality of Allah.’


Since boredom is a common trait of the post modern world, wherein people leave dull monotonous lives, should we assume that Allah (swt) occupies much of the day in a state of boredom, sitting on his throne, cross legged, tapping his two right hands wondering what to do next? Perhaps that might explain why Salafis believe that Allah (swt) takes up jogging!

Allah converses in Persian when content and in Arabic when angry

The Sunni scholar Imam Ismail Haqqi al-Barousawi al Naqshbandi (died 1127 AH) in his esteemed commentary of the Holy Quran, namely Ruh al-Bayan, Volume 10 page 480 under the commentary of Surah al-Qadr states:

وفى بعض الاخبار ان الله تعالى اذا تكلم بالرحمة تكلم بالفارسية والمراد بالفارسية لسان غير العرب سريانيا كان او عبرانيا واذا تكلم بالعذاب تكلم بالعربية

“And some narrations state that when Allah (swt) converses in kindness He does so in Farsi (Persian), Farsi meaning a language other than the language of the Arabs; be it Syrian or Hebrew, and when He makes reference to punishment, He converses in Arabic”.

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