Friday, March 9, 2018

Dream interpretation of a black woman

Bukhari Volume 9, Book 87, Number 163:

Narrated Salim's father The Prophet said, "I saw (in a dream) a black woman with unkempt hair going out of Medina and settling in Mahai'a. I interpreted that as (a symbol of) epidemic of Medina being transferred to Mahai'a, namely, Al-Juhfa."

When Prophet Mohammad dreamt of a black woman in his dream, he disparaged blacks once more to show that black people are a sign of epidemic.

So what does this mean?
1) If you have a dream about Halle Berry, does this mean that you an epidemic will befall you?
a) Does this mean that you are a pervert if you think about black women?
b) Does Mohammad implicitly say that dreaming of black women is morally wrong as thinking about black women are a form of epidemic?
c) That black women are a bad omen?
d) Or just black people in general?
2) Does Mohammad say this because he viewed black women as ugly?
a) Did Mohammad (May peace be upon him) get a venereal disease after sleeping with one of the black women?
b) Or just get rejected by black women?
3) Is this Dr. Mohammad again, dterming that an epidemic will occur when one starts to thinking of black women?

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