Tuesday, March 27, 2018

UN Urges Nigeria To Legalise Marijuana

The United Nations on Monday urged the Nigerian government to relax laws on consumption of cannabis in future, saying it has approved the use of the drug for medical purposes.

The UN is also insisting on decriminalization of drug users in parts of the world, especially sick people who used the drug for treatment, care and rehabilitation.

The global body’s position on the drug was revealed by the Project Officer of the UN Office on Drugs and Crimes in Nigeria, Harsheth Kaur Virk, during her presentation at a one day public hearing on the need to check menace of pharmaceutical drugs abuse among youths in Nigeria.

The public hearing was organised by the Senate Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Health.

Virk said cannabis is a miracle drug allowed for medical purposes by UN but not for recreational purposes.

She said: “The Drugs and Crime Office of the UN sees addictive drugs users as people who are sick and in need of treatment, care and rehabilitation.”

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