So what has triggered such a rise in this appalling crime, and why do criminals feel free to act so brazenly and with impunity? And why isn’t more being done to prevent Britain turning into a country where it is no longer safe to walk the streets without fear of being mugged every time you use your mobile phone?
Criminals intent on getting their hands on our valuables, mopeds are one of the easiest ways to escape without being caught. However, there is an even more disturbing reason why the problem has reached pandemic proportions: police are simply no longer prepared to pursue attackers on mopeds, because one 18-year-old who had a bag full of stolen goods, died in a high-speed chase by police, when he crashed his moped. The officers involved in the chase are now facing a disciplinary procedure.
Breitbart  A Turkish Muslim migrant kebab shop worker based in Sadiq Khan’s London has been charged and remanded in custody after he allegedly sexually assaulted a child in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in an English seaside town.
Muhammed Mucahid, 57, denied any wrongdoing when he appeared at Southend Magistrates’ Court accused of sexually touching a boy under 13, communicating with a child without reasonable excuse in contravention of a court order, and assaulting a special constable in the execution of his duty.
Under Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, the number of sexual offences committed against children (by Muslims) in London has soared 30 percent in a year to 1,200, as Breitbart London reportedin March, while the number of rapes in London has risen by almost 20 percent.