Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Muhammadan Troglodyte Preacher Issues 'Allah's Wrath' Warning to Students…

DOMESTIC. The popular Gothenburg preacher Anas Khalifa now targets a sharp warning to Muslims who are planning to attend the student festivals in Sweden. 
- Know that such a thing can lead to the wrath of Allah over you! He explains in a new sermon on Youtube.
Anas Khalifa's Youtube preaching about student celebration in Sweden has already been seen by over 30,000 people, reports SVT Nyheter.
He targets young Muslims in Sweden who consider participating in the festivities even though it is Ramadan.
"I know you love Allah, I know you want to follow Allah, but the problem is that you, like a young guy today, as a young girl who will take the student, also know that it will fall on the holiest of all months. You want to party, you want to drink, you want to earn Ramadan.
The lecturer continues:
- But know that such a thing can lead to the wrath of Allah over you!
In the commentary field, Anas Khalifa gets praise for his insights from other Muslims, according to SVT.
"May God reward you for warning and wanting to help today's youth," commented on a user.
"Great advice to Muslims. Keep up the good work", write another.
Anas Khalifa, born in Egypt, was noted in 2006 in a section of SVT's "Mission Review". In the program, he declared that it was strictly forbidden to be a Muslim friend of Christians and Jews.

"It is forbidden to have kuffar or Christian or Jews or others like close friends," said Khalifa during another lecture, according to Sydsvenskan.

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