Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Did you know that only 7% of Muslim freeloaders/invaders posing as refugees have a job in Germany?

And most of those who are working are employed in government (taxpayer) funded jobs. (So I guess that means more than 90% of them being supported by German taxpayers. What happened to the big labor shortages in Europe we keep hearing about?)

New Observer  The leftist claim that the “refugee influx” would boost Germany economically has been exposed as a lie by an official report which revealed that only 135,000 of the invaders have any sort of job—and even most of those are in made-up government-subsidized jobs or “training schemes.”

The figures were released in a report issued by the German government’s Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Agency for Employment, BA) in Berlin. 

The official number of “refugees” who have invaded Germany since 2015 stands at over 1.5 million, and the paltry 135,000 “working refugees” include all those employed in the “one euro” jobs which entail cooking at, and cleaning, invader camps around the country.

Liberals who support the invasion still claim that the influx will “boost the economy” and “solve the pension crisis caused by an aging European population”—but the facts have shown the exact opposite.

Instead of “boosting the economy,” the invaders have instead added immensely to the welfare cost, the report continued.

There are now at least half a million “main claimants” who are “refugees” on the German welfare system, known as Hartz IV. A “main claimant” is the family member who claims on behalf of his or her extended family, which usually amounts to at least four people.

This means that, conservatively, there are at least two million Hartz claimants—with the difference between the “refugee” numbers and welfare users being explained by the “family reunification” process which allows successful “refugees” to bring their families to Germany as well.

According to Dr. Herbert Brücker, head of the Department for Economic Migration Research at the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research, only about 40 percent of the invaders claim to have secondary school education, and at least 20 percent only have elementary school education—while the rest have none at all.

Well, there you go, even more Muslims sucking on the government teat.

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