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Mohammad outlaws eating donkey meat because he did not get his share of war booty

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Sahih Bukhari: Volume 4, Book 53, Number 383: 

Narrated Ibn Abi Aufa:
We were afflicted with hunger during the besiege of Khaibar, and when it was the day of (the battle of) Khaibar, we slaughtered the donkeys and when the pots got boiling (with their meat). Allah's Apostle made an announcement that all the pots should be upset and that nobody should eat anything of the meat of the donkeys. We thought that the Prophet prohibited that because the Khumus had not been taken out of the booty (i.e. donkeys); other people said, "He prohibited eating them for ever." The sub-narrator added, "I asked Said bin Jubair who said, 'He has made the eating of donkeys' meat illegal for ever.")

1) What is Khumus?

The “Khumus” or “Kumis” is the prophet’s share of all booty seized by Muslim

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 1, Book 10, Number 501: 
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
The Prophet said, " I order you to do four things and forbid you from four things. (The first four are as follows):

... 4. To give me Khumus

2) From the above Hadith, the first Muslims clearly believed that they were prevented from eating donkey meat because Mohammad because Mohammad did not get his share of war booty.
a) Does this mean that the first Muslims viewed Mohammad as a greedy pirate?
b) Does this mean that the first Muslims knew that Mohammad always had an ulterior, self-serving motive in coming up with his orders?
i) Afterall, Allah worked for Mohammad to ensure all his sexual desires were met:

3) If Mohammad was so concerned about his own motives, how does that make Muslims feel?
a) Can they trust Mohammad to intercede on their behalf?
b) See questions precent 1) a) c)
c) Does this mean that Mohammad would have let his own followers starve before he let them have any of his war booty?
d) If Mohammad would let his immidiate followers starve to death after they fought valiabtly for him, how do you think he would treat modern Muslims if he saw them today?

4) Does Bukhari include this hadith to show that the first Muslims never believed that Mohammad cared for them?
a) Is Bukhari saying that Mohammad doesn't care about modern Muslims?
b) Is Bukhari telling Muslims to read what Mohammad did, and get an informed opinion about the "greatest prophet of all time" (may peace be upon him...)?!?!

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