Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Nigerian Father Cuts Off Muslim Man’s Leg For Defiling His 6-Month-Old Baby In Edo State (Photos)

An aggrieved father has been arrested for chopping the leg of a 36-year-old Muslim man who allegedly defiled his 6-month-old baby in Benin, Edo State.

According to activist Prince Gwamnishu, the dad allegedly caught the suspect while inserting his finger in his baby’s private part. He was, however, arrested for taking laws into his hand, while the suspect is receiving treatment at the hospital.
When visited, the dad revealed that he attacked the suspect out of annoyance and pleaded that charge of defilement filed against the suspect, be withdrawn, so that he can also regain his freedom. Mr. Gwamnishu is, however opposed to the idea.
see some reactions below;
Adedayo Sarumi That’s cowardice and inhumane of the victim’s father… Firstly, you go with a baton to the head to make him unconscious,, then you take machete and cut of his fingers and toes then you draw map of Nigeria with cutlass on his face then you electrocute him to death.. #lobatan
Preshous Nwafor D girls Father is Very very Wicked..hOw cAn hE cut Off One Leq instEad Of d bOth..Godforbid..
Oko Nna I don’t think people that indulge in this act are normal.There must be a compelling reason for doing this evil act.How does a full grown man penetrate an infant? Even a grown woman who is a virgin a work if its own to break her let alone an infant.I think ritual always leads to this.People willingly enslave both their body and soul all because of material things.Quite unfortunate!!
Mamanso Sanka 6 month old baby ? Pure witch he deserves worse. But Daddy should’ve cute his manhood instead of his legs

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