Wednesday, July 18, 2018

11 Yao Muslims Accept Jesus Into Their Hearts!

We have great news from the country of Malawi in Africa. In the month of September, 11 Yao Muslims came to faith in Jesus Christ! Over the last year, the small team in Malawi has seen their efforts rewarded with several instances of people putting their faith in Jesus Christ because of the radio programs and visits by the local staff. Here’s what one listener had to say:
“We are so grateful to receive Jesus Christ, through the “Way of Life” radio program. We’re happy that we are able to receive these programs on our radio sets here in Senzani.”
This passion for the Gospel amongst former Muslims doesn’t just come from our listeners. One of our staff in Malawi is Paul, an ex-Muslim who found Jesus while in prison and is on fire for Christ. He’s created ten listener clubs after being released from prison and is enjoying ministering the Lord through radio.

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