Saturday, July 28, 2018

Imam, Sheikh leave Islam to follow Jesus Christ

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An Imam and Sheikh have denounced Islam and received Jesus Christ at their personal Lord and savior during a church service led by Pastor Stephen Waiswa of Bible Evangelism Ministries.
In a statement issued Sunday, 4th March, 2018, Pastor Waiswa who fronts radical gospel crusades in Bwaise and Queen’s way at the Clock Tower – Kampala, identified the Imam and Sheikh as Juma and Sadik respectively.
“Muslims who are preaching lies at Queen’s way are loosing every day. In stead of Muslims going to the mosque, they are coming to church,” the preacher said, then later shared a video of the new converts articulating the Salvation Prayer.
Pastor Stephen gave all the glory to Jesus, and noted that his gatherings have seen mega transformation.
He said the new converts are among those that used to “abuse believers at Clock tower.”
“Thank you Lord, bring one by one,” he remarked.

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