Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sharia-compliant AMAZON removes sexy burqa costumes after complaints from the most perpetually offended people on earth

Online retail giant Amazon forced to remove what Muslim snowflakes call “disgusting” and “islamophobic” Halloween costumes which turn the traditional face-covering Muslim burqa look into a sexy dress. 


The Sun  The cropped tunic also has a plunging neckline revealing cleavage and has caused huge offence, with the retailer saying the product has been taken off the site.

A “SEXY” burka costume advertised on Amazon has been pulled from the site after it prompted furious comments from people offended by the “racist” item. The cropped tunic came with a plunging neckline and was modelled by a white Caucasian women, complete with a face veil.

The couple's version
The couple’s version

t could be bought for just under £20 and was described as a “sexy Saudi burka Islamic costume” with “a lovely soft stretch material”.

Amazon users outraged by the product branded the online store as “disgusting racists”.  (What ‘race’ is Islam?) One person said: “You’re all disgusting racists. My culture is not your costume.” (Yes, it is if I want it to be. Your so-called ‘culture’ is a joke to the world)


While another commented: “A person’s culture is NOT a fancy dress costume,” and one more added: “Is this some sort of mockery to the religion.”


How about these, bro? We find them very funny, don’t you?

Here you go, ONE SIZE FITS ALL
Here you go, ONE SIZE FITS ALL
Is this offensive enough?
Is this offensive enough?
How about a reality costume?
How about a reality costume?
Popular Muslim husband with slave costume
Popular Muslim husband and wife costume
Very popular with young boys
Young Muslim boys think this costume is da bomb!
Here's a Clock boy-inspired CLOCKMED costume
Here’s a Clock boy-inspired CLOCKMED costume

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