Wednesday, October 26, 2016

AER LINGUS: One airline you shouldn’t expect to protect you from potential Muslim terrorists

luckofthemuslims-e1431497410316When a verbal altercation broke out between a non-Muslim and some Muslim passengers on flight EI0330 from Dublin to Berlin, Aer Lingus proceeded to kick the non-Muslim off the plane, based solely on the testimony of another Muslim passenger on the flight .

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Independent  According to the other Muslim passenger Khalid Wafiq Kamel on the flight who observed the altercation writing on on Aer Lingus’s Facebook page (below):

I was on Aer Lingus 0330 flight this morning from Dublin to Berlin. Before taking off, a passenger showed an abusive behaviour against two other Muslim passengers. The crew reacted promptly to stop him, and the offending passenger was removed from the flight. I would like to send a special Thank You to Captain O’Shea and the rest of the crew for making my day. As a Muslim, I felt safe and respected being in Ireland and on Aer Lingus. As one of the crew said ‘We are all equal’. Thank you Aer Lingus 

 Aer Lingus declined to comment specifically on the incident about what was said and who started it.

What you probably didn’t hear about in America but was reported in the UK Daily Mail: Fire spread across Aer Lingus passenger jet after ground equipment bursts into flame at Orlando airport leaving 200 passengers stranded.

UK Daily Mail  An Aer Lingus passenger jet  due to depart for Dublin, became engulfed in flames while it was refuelling at a Florida airport. Two baggage handlers were seriously injured in the fire and 193 passengers were left stranded after a large section of the plane burst into flames last week.


Baggage handlers Kevin Charles and Alexix Salgado were both seriously injured in the incident – after both being engulfed in flames while they worked near the cabin hold. They sustained life-changing first, second and third degree burns and one of them broke their leg while trying to jump to safety. 

A total of 193 passengers, who were either on the aircraft or in the process of boarding, escaped unharmed. However, they were left stranded as a result of the incident – with some describing their ordeal as the ‘trip from hell’.

Colin Boylan, County Monaghan, Ireland, was preparing to fly home when he was caught up in the chaos. ‘We were literally all about to board smiling and excited them panic of people running screaming and smoke from our plane. ‘I never want to experience drama like that in an airport again.

 Aer Lingus declined to comment specifically on the incident or what caused it.


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