Tuesday, February 14, 2017

GERMANY IN CHAOS as Troglodytes Muslims are burning down their own refugee centers

MUSLIM MIGRANTS posing as refugees in Germany have been behind a series of destructive arson attacks on refugee centers where they are housed. Why would Muslims do this to their own shelters? They don’t like the accommodations and want to be placed in nice homes and apartments of their own.

UK Express  Germany has been blighted by a series of devastating fires in recent months, many of which have been blamed on Muslim newly arrived invaders. Now another two blazes have been reported in the last week.

On Friday morning, a refugee centre in Neustadt was set ablaze, spreading to the roof being being extinguished. The cause of the fire is still being determined and all nine inhabitants who were in the 20-person shelter at the time were able to escape to safety without injury.

And then on Wednesday evening at around 7.20pm, a group of unknown people set fire to several yellow rubbish bins stored in a housing entrance area in Neunkirchen. Just less than 100km from Neustadt the incident appeared to be unrelated to the bin fires.

The homeowners tried to extinguish the flames on their own, but were forced to call for help when the blaze spread – with eight vehicles being called in as the fire licked the edges of the property.

Although no one was harmed in the fires, police have estimated the property and building damage comes to around 10,000 euros. The street was completely closed off by the police in the area, with several patrol cars from Wilnsdorf scouring the scene as officers spoke to witnesses.

One eyewitness claimed they saw four or five suspicious young men with a Mediterranean appearance, who walked from the scene of the fire on Kölner Street towards Struthütten. They claimed they were all about 180cm tall, between 20 and 30 years old, and dressed in dark clothes.

The fires are just the latest in a series of destructive attacks that are belived to have been caused by migrants. There were 45 arson attacks against “refugee shelters” in just the first 6 months of 2016. Muslim migrants burned the below centre to the ground in a row over chocolates during Ramadan.

At the beginning of January, five people were arrested over an arson attack in Bad Homburg migrant center that injured more than 50 people – and is believed to have started when a group of 

Pictures posted on social media showed thick, black smoke billowing from a one-storey house after the flames quickly spread from the barracks to the building’s accommodation. 

Last November, migrants burned a conference centre to the ground causing £8.5 million of damage over 

Some of the arson fires were thought to have been caused by German citizens opposed to the Muslim invasion of their country. Police in Germany say a school sports hall intended as a temporary shelter for asylum seekers has burned down in a suspected arson attack.

Here’s a complete list of all the fires at refugee centers in Germany, most of which were set by Muslim invaders: Refugee Center Fires

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