Saturday, February 4, 2017

Islamic waterboarding

If you think waterboarding is torture, what is this? Jihadists from the Islamic State (ISIS) have amputated the hands of two boys aged 10 and 12 who refused to execute two civilians in front of their families in Mosul. (Photos below are not these two boys)

UK Daily Mail (h/t John H)  ISIS fighters trained up a group of children from its stronghold in western parts of Iraq to fight against advancing Iraqi troops. But two of the youngsters refused to carry out the twisted demands of their terror bosses.

The youngsters were severely punished for refusing to execute two prisoners in front of their families. According to Iraqi News, they both had a hand chopped off by extremists, a punishment usually reserved for thieves.

Watch the ISIS video below and then tell me if  you still think that waterboarding of these terrorists and the people who cheer them on is torture. (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

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