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Allah has a body (Part 3)

….Ubaid ibn Hunain said while i was sat in the mosque , Qatadah ibn al-Numan came so he sat talking to people then we visited Abu Saeed so we found him lying on his back and putting one leg over the other (right leg over left leg) so we greated him and we sat soo Qatadah raised his hand to Abu Saeed leg and pinched him so Abu Saeed said: Oh brother, you hurt me, so he answered him: that’s what I wanted, because Rasoolallah (S) said: when Allah finished creating he lied on his back and put one leg over the other and (Rasulallah) said: Nobody should do this. 

Abu Muhammad al-Khallal said: All of the narrators are truthworthy, and they all truthworthy according to the conditions of two Sahihs of Bukhari and Muslim.

Ref: Ibtal at-tawilat li-akhbar as-sifat, volume 1, pages 188 and 189, hadith 182.

I thank Allah - that I have seen Allah in my dreams three times in my life - last time it was in 1246. Saw Him (Allah) wrapped by Nour around Him and while his attention was to the east. He told me something few sentences. After waking up I forgot these few sentences. 

Ref: Ruhul -Ma'ani, by Alusi Baghdadi, volume 9, page 52.

Let me tell you about one of the Angels which transports (holds) on him throne (al-Arsh), his feet are on the bottom (last) Earth and on his horns (is) Arsh (Throne) and between his shoulder and ear lobe is distance in wingspan of bird for 700 years. And that Angel says: glory to you where you've been and where you are now.

Hadith transmitted by: Anas

Sheikh Albani said: Saheeh (authentic). 

Ref: Saheeh jami' al-Zaghir wa ziyade, by Imam Albani, page 208, hadith 853-411.

Narrated from Jabir ibn Abdullah: 'I heard how the Messenger of Allah (ٍPBUH) said: ..... will say (that man): 'O Lord! You are mocking me? And then the Lord will laugh so that his tongue and teeth will be visible

Ref: Tafsir of Tabari, by Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, volume 15, page 604.

His saying: (Till Allah laughs from it), the attribute of laughter has many proofs, and it is an attribute of an act, it is incumbent to believe in it according to that which was shown by the texts, and it is not permitted to interpret the laughter by incumbent, like the people of falsehood say, from Jahmiah and whoso followed their path, that the laughter is the satisfaction or the gift, and so on which are from Allah Almighty's creatures.

Abu Saed al-Darami said - May Allah Have Mercy on him - and it was claimed by the opposition that the God's laugh: is his satisfaction and mercy, and forgiveness of the sins, like you said: I saw/found seed in a laugh. 

It was said to him: You lied about the narrations of Allah's prophet - as you likened his laugh with the seed's laugh, and we didn't hear from anyone from Ahlul Sunnah likening Allah - Almighty's - laugh or any of his acts with any of the creatures acts. like you claimed, o opposer.

We say: that Allah - Almighty - Laughs as He Wants, and as fits Him. 

Ref: Sharh kitab al-Tawhid min Sahih al-Bukhari, by al-Ghunayman, volume 2, page 89.

Islam removed all these impediments and founded the idea of entire humanity being one family of God.

''All creatures of God from the family of God, and he is the best loved of God who loves best His creatures.''

''Respect the ways of God and be affectionate to the family of God.'' 

Ref: Al-Khulafa' al-Rashideen, by Ahmad Zidan, page 10.

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