Monday, September 3, 2018

12-year-old Saudi girl succumbs, now agrees to drop divorce petition against her 80 year old 'husband'

She was 11 when this story first appeared but now that she’s all ‘growed up’ at 12, she tells the court that her forced marriage was actually done with her agreement.

Gotta love that honor-killing threat, works every time.

AFP – A 12-year-old Saudi girl unexpectedly gave up her petition for divorce from an 80-year-old man her father forced her to marry in exchange for a $22,000 dowry, Saudi media reported Tuesday.
Despite support from human rights lawyers and child welfare advocates, the girl and her mother, who originally sought the divorce, withdrew the case Monday in a court in Buraidah, in Al-Qasim province, newspapers said.
The girl told the court that her marriage to the man was done with her agreement, according to Okaz newspaper. “I agree to the marriage. I have no objection. This is in filial respect to my father and obedience to his wish,” (if she wants to stay alive, that is) she said.
An unnamed official of the government’s Human Rights Commission, which was originally asked by the mother to help in getting the marriage annulled, told Arab News they too were surprised by the mother and daughter dropping the case.
Saudi Arabia has no law against child marriage, and clerics and religious judges justify the practice based on Islamic and Saudi tradition. FRANCE.24

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