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AUSTRALIA: Illegal alien Muslim invader injures 27 after setting himself on fire causing an explosion at Melbourne bank

3a812ab500000578-3949382-on_friday_morning_the_man_became_agitated_after_not_having_enoug-a-19_1479510363563The 21-year-old MUSLIM FREELOADER from Myanmar who doused himself in accelerant and set fire to a Commonwealth Bank branch had minutes earlier complained about being ‘broke’ and not having enough welfare money for food. Witnesses said the man became agitated after not having enough funds to withdraw money from the ATM.

UK Daily Mail (h/t David Y)  The suspect, known by his friends as Noor, and five bystanders were taken to hospital with serious burns following the fire and had been waiting three years to be accepted as a refugee. Another 21 people ranging from children to elderly in their 80s were taken to hospitals with breathing problems.

Muslim entering back with petrol container
Muslim entering bank with petrol container

A witness said the alleged attacker was angry because not enough staff were available to help him. Commonwealth Bank never pays enough staff to serve us customers. I have been waiting for one hour,’ the witness claimed he said, to which a bank staff member replied ‘it’s not your business’.

‘The guy eventually went home and got a flamethrower to burn everyone especially bank staff,’ the witness wrote on his Facebook page. (How come he had enough money to buy a flamethrower but not food?)

The Muslim perp with police
The Muslim perp with police

Australian Burmese (Muslim) Rohingya Organisation president Habib Habib said the man was by himself in Australia and had been struggling financially and mentally, worried about his family and immigration status.

‘He was struggling mentally for the past year or two because his visa has not been processing,’ he told the Sydney Morning Herald(Maybe because he is a Muslim nutjob? Should have sent him back)


‘He has been suffering and his friends say his welfare payment was not received and he couldn’t pay his rent.’ (He HAD enough money but spent it on something else)

Mr Habib said there was not enough support for refugees with mental health issues, which were made worse by settlement issues. (Most Muslims have mental issues from rampant inbreeding. Why is it Australia’s problem?)

Refugee and asylum seeker advocate Pamela Curr said the man fled Myanmar due to the persecution of Muslim minorities. (Muslims deserve to be driven out of Myanmar because of all the trouble they cause for the Buddhist population there. See more HERE


He had mental health problems and may have discovered at the bank that his welfare payments had been cut off, sparking the anger that led to his alleged actions.

Witness Mr Heeraman, who chose to keep his first name anonymous, said the man was frustrated he had no money in his account and was blocked from withdrawing money from the machine. (He probably spent all his welfare money on booze and drugs)

‘He went to withdraw money earlier and had no funds available so he went back later to start havoc,’ he told Daily Mail Australia. ‘The Muslim terrorist blew up the ATM by setting himself and the machine alight.


‘Some [locals] say he had financial problems and decided to take it out on the branch’. (Financial problems? Don’t you mean welfare handouts problem?) Police are yet to interview the man to determine his motives, because of the extent of his injuries. (Hopefully, he will die)

It was revealed in the wake of the disaster that the alleged attacker is from Myanmar in Australia on a bridging visa. The man is believed to have travelled from Myanmar alone by boat in 2013. He was placed on Christmas Island before being transferred to Melbourne on a temporary visa, the Herald Sun reported.


The Australian:  Pamela Curr, who recently retired from the non-government Asylum Seeker Resource Center outside Melbourne  said the Immigration Department was threatening to make thousands of asylum seekers financially desperate by cutting their benefits if their refugee claims were rejected. “The department is going to starve thousands of people out of the country, or so they think,” Curr said. (Good. Send them back)

The Muslim is believed to have been asked to apply for a Temporary Protection Visa so he could work and gain access to Medicare and Centrelink, but never applied. (Of course not, he didn’t want to have to work for his money)

After being unable to withdraw his funds, he allegedly walked to the nearby Caltex service station to fill a plastic container with petrol. (I guess he had money for that?)

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