Monday, May 22, 2017

SWEDEN: Muslim invaders posing as unaccompanied refugee children threaten to kill Swedes if not allowed to stay

A group of unaccompanied Muslim adult men (posing as children) threaten to kill themselves and make sure that they take Swedes with them in death, if their asylum applications are rejected.

Friatider  The sector is active in a Swedish municipality “with approximately 40,000” Muslim inhabitants where about fifty young Muslim men from the Africa who falsely claimed to be children are currently being housed.

The government’s decision to introduce age tests on unaccompanied people has caused many of them to feel bad  (Awwww) so they become abusive, smoke heroin and other drugs, according to the director.

Some have even begun to commit suicide if they can not stay in Sweden after the age tests have been completed. (Now, that IS good news) And the municipality is now fearing an increasing number of violent and sexual offenses.

“It’s for us, the school staff, a terrible and scary threat. To deal with grief, desperate young men is not something we have knowledge or capacity for. We fear that violence, sexual harassment, robbery etc may increase and, of course, Also the insecurity of the residents, “writes the director.

Those who talk about taking their lives also open to killing Swedes as revenge for rejection after lying to be children.

“What’s particularly scary is that among these asylum-seeking young Muslims, there are those who say that when they kill themselves, then will make sure that some Swedes are following them to death,” writes the director.

The letter from the director, describing the situation as “a bomb that will explode” has been published on Merit Wager’s blog. Wager previously held the assignment as the Citizens’ Refugee Ombudsman and has also been a lead writer on Svenska Dagbladet.

After the attention of the Ikeam Order in Västerås, it became apparent that the perpetrator, Eritrean Abraham Ukbagabir, committed the murder after finding out that he would be deported to Italy. Ukbagabir explained that he chose his victims, a woman and her adult son, because they “looked Swedish”.

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