Wednesday, July 19, 2017

AUSTRIA: In broad daylight, a Viennese woman was assaulted by a Somali Muslim savage for walking her dogs

A shocking attack occurred in broad daylight in Vienna: Ingrid T, 54, (below) lies in the hospital after a brutal attack. The Motive? Her two dogs! The animals are considered ‘filth’ as asserted by the attacker, a Somali Muslim migrant. According to the prophet Muhammad, dogs should be killed unless they are working/service dogs.

GOV  She was talking with the neighbors at the garden gate — the deaf, almost blind, three-legged Collie mix “Panda” sat peacefully; the ten-month-old “Poco” walked along the alley towards Ingrid T.’s parents’ house.

“I saw a pretty veiled woman approaching slowly. I knew some people from these countries do not like dogs, so I went to Poco and wanted to pull him back,” says Ingrid T. from her hospital bed.

“She grabbed me, spun me around and scratched me”

Then, as the victim said, the Somali Muslim woman, 18, and a legal resident of Austria) attacked her. “She grabbed me, spun me around, scratched me” — until both fell to the ground. It took three men to pull the woman off the 54-year-old. “I couldn’t feel my legs,” recalls Ingrid T.

Below photo is from Pakistan:

Below video shows Iranian officials injecting dogs with acid that will corrode the animals’ guts while the dog is still alive, causing him to shriek in agony, such is the horrendous pain he experiences.  It takes him several minutes to die.  VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

“We do not want dogs: they are dirty”

She was then operated on twice in the Wilhelminen Hospital — her knee was smashed; an artificial knee was surgically implanted. Why did all that happen? Because this is about culture; the Somali husband supposedly told Ingrid T in the hospital: “We don’t want dogs, they are filthy!”

Ingrid T. is expecting a long recovery. Who will pay for all this? Her lawyer, Manfred Ainedter, doesn’t know. The Somali woman does not have liability insurance: “This will probably be a precedent.”

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