Friday, April 14, 2017

AUSTRALIA: Sen. Pauline Hanson ridiculed for advising people not to eat Islamic ‘halal-certified’ chocolate for Easter

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson notes that Cadbury chocolate is halal-certified before plugging its competitors that are “not Halal certified” and is mocked for it on far left The Project TV by Muslim spokesjihadist, Waleed Aly.

“Don’t call me moderate”  In 2007 Waleed Aly published a book and there’s a whole chapter in there called ‘don’t call me moderate’ because it’s a term he hates. I don’t like what it implies, and so if people are calling me a “moderate” Muslim it annoys me. In other words, there is no radical Islam. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam and it is inherently radical.

Sharia-compliant Cadbury axes the word “Easter” from its halal-certified Easter eggs.

Not only has Cadbury gone ‘halal,’ starting this year, the British chocolate maker also crucified the word Easter, in ‘honor’ of Easter, in order not to offend Muslim religious ‘sensibilities.’ From now on, there will be no more ‘Easter’ eggs or ‘Easter’ bunnies on these halal-certified products, because the company obviously doesn’t give a damn about offending your Christian ‘sensibilities.’

All references to the Easter bunny have been removed, too, Easter bunnies are now simply chocolate bunnies, you can eat all year long, especially during Ramadan. Easter is out but ‘HALAL’ is in, with halal certification language clearing showing on the ‘unEaster’ Easter eggs.

Perhaps next year, Cadbury will rename the Easter eggs and bunnies ‘Halal’ eggs and bunnies, which Muslim children can enjoy while they are watching the blood drain out of the necks of the writhing in pain animals that their elders have just slaughtered in celebration of Eid. 

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