Monday, April 24, 2017

FINALLY! It took them 2 weeks, but finally, charges have been filed against South Dakota Muslim at Christian conference, brandishing several weapons and warning on Facebook Live: “Be scared, be f***king terrified”

On April 21 South Dakota State Attorney General Marty Jackley announced charges of terrorism threats against Ehab Jaber. The Capital Journal reports that the charges represent “a Class 5 felony with a maximum sentence of five years.”

22-8-13. Terrorist threat–FelonyAny person who threatens to commit a crime of violence, as defined by subdivision 22-1-2(9), (includes use of a gun) or an act dangerous to human life involving any use of chemical, biological, or radioactive material, or any explosive or destructive device, with the intent to: (1) Intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (2) Influence the policy or conduct of any government or nation; (3) Affect the conduct of any government or nation; or (4) Substantially impair or interrupt public communications, public transportation, common carriers, public utilities, or other public services; is guilty of making a terrorist threat. A violation of this section is a Class 5 felony. Source: SL 2005, ch 120, § 189.

Breitbart  (h/t Calpax) In a Facebook Live video allegedly filmed in a car outside a Christian conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the Muslim man identified as Ehab Jaber brandishes numerous guns and warns people to “be scared.”

The Blaze Ehab Jaber is a South Dakota resident who is self-described as being formerly from  Saudi Arabia. According to World Net Daily, Jaber infiltrated the Christian Worldview Weekend conference on April 9 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sioux Falls, as they were discussing the Islamic persecution of Christians around the world. The event was being attended by around 500 men, women, and children.

Jaber, wearing a shirt that read “I’m American, I’m a Muslim, I open carry, I conceal carry, and I’m dangerous only if you’re stupid,” and carrying a Koran reportedly began disrupting the proceedings and live streaming the conference on his phone.

A retired police officer who was working security for the event confronted Jaber, who told him he was “the Muslim John Smith.” The officer promptly escorted Jaber out of the building.

Jaber went to his car, and still sitting in the parking lot, once more took to Facebook Live where he began complaining about how many people were in attendance. It was then that Jaber asked “ya know, if you want to be really scared?”

Jaber then reached behind him and began displaying various handguns and an AK-47, each time saying “be scared.” Pulling out an extended magazine and an AR-15 he added “be f***ing terrified.”

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