Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When a Muslim invites you to EID Festival of Sacrifice dinner, remember these photos and videos (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED)

Animals Australia has been working tirelessly to end the Live Export business of Australian live animals being sent to Muslim countries where they are tortured to death in accordance with barbaric Islamic ‘halal’ slaughter laws.

Animals Australia  Undercover Animals Australia investigators have just returned from a harrowing investigation in the Middle East and Asia — where streets have literally run red with the blood of animals.

Exporting animals across the world only to be slaughtered is always cruel. But there’s one time of year when cruelty is at its peak. During the EID ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ we’ve seen terrified animals having their eyes stabbed, tendons slashed, and throats clumsily cut open.

Recently in Malaysia, Oman, Lebanon, Dubai and Kuwait we saw more carnage: panicked sheep and goats being tied up, beaten, shoved into car boots in scorching heat, and brutally slaughtered in the streets. Even in a so-called ‘approved’ slaughterhouse, suffering was extreme — with helpless animals left to die slowly as they choked on their own blood.

The introduction of Australian live export laws in 2011 makes much of this abuse illegal. But new evidence shows live exporters are still breaking these laws — abandoning thousands of cattle, sheep and goats to shocking abuse. Even the Australian Government admits the system is ‘not perfect’ — and that while live export continues, so will the atrocities.

In other words, extreme acts of cruelty have become the accepted cost of keeping the live export trade afloat. Defenders of live export insist they are providing ‘safe protein’ to the world but the truth is many overseas Islamic abattoirs that slaughter Australian animals would fail basic hygiene audits.

Animals Australia Despite a few ‘tough Australian regulations’ on live exports put in place more than two years ago, tragically, the inhumane and barbaric Islam-compliant halal slaughter of live Australian animals shipped to Muslim nations is still going strong…reaching new heights every year during the Muslim holiday of Eid (The Festival of Sacrifice)

The live export industry publicly hailed their new abattoir in Egypt as ‘first-class’ and ‘state-of-the-art’. Only when the horrors inside this slaughterhouse were exposed in 2012 did they admit practices were in fact ‘horrific’ and ‘unconscionable’ with cattle being stabbed, slashed and butchered while still alive.

For decades, the live export industry has capitalized on this time of year when live animals are sold and ‘sacrificed’ en masse. And for decades, animals have suffered horrific consequences. 

 Live animals exported from Australia are beaten, whipped, stabbed, and brutally killed… Australian laws are supposed to prevent this. But with the Australian Government yet to lay charges against any live export company — despite ongoing evidence of breached regulations — it inevitably happen all over again.

The Australian government has an abundance of evidence that ear tags are being removed from sheep and cattle being illegally sold and slaughtered in Jordan, Kuwait and Gaza — to prevent identification of the exporter. Akin to a burglar wiping away their fingerprints to avoid detection, nothing has been done to curb this destruction of evidence.

In Jordan, investigators documenting illegal sheep sales in roadside markets have reported that one company was offering locals four live sheep in exchange for beating up anyone with a camera. Australian sheep continue to be illegally sold from and slaughtered at a notorious livestock market in Kuwait despite five legal complaints and additional conditions being placed on exporters.

Malaysia, Mauritius, Jordan, Kuwait, Indonesia, West Bank, Gaza, Egypt — everywhere we’ve looked laws are being broken whether it be illegal sales, cruel methods of restraint, or brutal street slaughter — Australian animals are suffering the horrendous consequences.

Tens of thousands of animals are destined to suffer illegal and egregious abuse until the Australian Government enforces its own laws.

Take action at BAN LIVE EXPORT

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